The Man Behind It All

Maurizio, a traditional Italian barber has honed his craft for over 27 years providing  experience and insight well beyond precision hair cutting. Adapting to the nuisances of various hair types and fashion styles, Maurizio is meticulous  in the pursuit of perfection ensuring  the barbering skills of his staff achieve the gold standard.


Our barbers enjoy helping men choose their best look. We are trained on the latest men's styles and grooming techniques.

As part of your grooming experience, enjoy  a
complimentary straight razor neck shave, keeping you
sharp and looking dapper longer.

Come sit in our genuine Belmont Takara Barber Chairs, listen to nostalgic music  and enjoy our  relaxing atmosphere.

The Art and Culture of Barbering


“You call it facial hair, I call it awesomeness
escaping through your face.


About us

Opening day

Our original beginnings started as a spa and hair salon. As time passed the desire to enrich our clientele with more male customers became paramount.  Maurizio's Barbershop has evolved into it's own entity. Serving customers from a wide radius of the surrounding area.



"I just got home from a fantastic hair cut at Maurizio's Barber Shop. It was my first cut in months, and I had a pretty specific cut in mind. Maurizio, undaunted by my rough instructions, planned and executed a wonderful hair cut which is perfect for my interview tomorrow. I would highly recommend this barber shop to anyone."  - William Caldwell

Five star rated

The New Normal

The Corona virus has changed the way we do business. Until there is a vaccine to ensure everyone's safety we now operate under what we call a new normal. Receiving a personal service such as a hair cut demonstrates the close proximity between the service provider and the customer.  We ask that if you are feeling unwell that you do not come in for a service. This will help to ensure your safety as well as the safety of the service provider. We have taken protective measures to help stop the spread of the Corona virus. Upon entering our facility you will see signage directing you to sanitize your hands and to wear an ear loop mask. You will observe that our barbers are wearing Personal Protective Gear as well. This is why we have decided to book by appointment.

We must all band together to stop the spread of this horrible disease.




To meet the demands of our growing client base, Maurizio's Barbeshop moved to the prestigious Village of Mannheim. This new location showcases nostalgia, comfort and professionalism giving our customers a respite from the everyday routine.

New location